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Tema: Serbian rites and habits

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    Dec 2010

    Serbian rites and habits

    Dobar dan!

    I`m from Poland. I study Serbian philology at University in Wroclaw. We`re organizing "Day of Serbia" at our University and I want to write an essay about Serbian rites and habits - how you celebrate your Holidays (like Uskrs, Božić, Funeral Rites and so forth). I would be grateful if you could send me sth about it. I`ve been studying Serbian since one year, so I cant find many information at Serbian web pages, so I`d be happy if you could find and send me texts in English. And maybe you know some web pages (in English or even in Serbian) about this theme. My email adress:

    I will be very very grateful for your help



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    Nov 2001
    Hi Olga, welcome to the forum!

    Visit (in serbian)

    Or you can try with Google translator - Besplatno probajte VoIP telefoniranje
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    Dec 2010
    Thank you! I`m sure I will make use of it.

    Greetings from Poland!

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